The History of Camp Piedmont

Prior to the camp being built 4-H Agents in 8 counties had to rely on various locations for their summer programs and camping grounds.  The counties included; Belmont, Carroll, Guernsey, Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, Noble and Tuscarawas.  Some of the locations available only provided primitive camping with limited space for growth and it soon became evident that a joint effort must be made to find and establish a permanent location for our 4-H members to camp and enjoy.

In 1943, the eight county Extension Agents (now known as Educators)  established the Eastern Ohio Extension Camps, Inc. By 1945, an agreement was made with what is now known as the Muskingum Water Conservancy District (MWCD) to lease land along the shore of Lake Piedmont.  They then took on the daunting task of raising the funds necessary to build the camp.  Thanks to the outstanding support of the local communities and the active volunteerism from all 8 counties, fundraising efforts were successful.   In June of 1948, a dedication was held and 4-H Camp Piedmont was officially open.  There were 29 boys and 108 girls enrolled in that very first Junior camp.  

Now, more than 70 years later, 4-H Camp Piedmont is still home to all 8 counties. We continue to operate with a combined board of OSU Extension personnel and dedicated volunteers. Donations that we receive from our communities, families, volunteers and youth are still the primary source for funding new projects and updating existing facilities. 

We are proud of the memories that are made at 4-H Camp Piedmont and consider those memories an important piece of our history.  Our camp has been a family tradition for several generations of 4-H'ers and we plan on continuing that tradition for years to come.